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How AI technologies can improve employee efficiency and prevent data breaches

One of the key elements of the Examus proctoring solution is computer vision, which can be used for more than just training and exams. Here are some examples of how else Examus AI technologies can be useful for companies and corporations.

Working with sensitive information: rules compliance monitoring

Employees who work with sensitive data have standards and rules that must be adhered to in their work. Its violation can jeopardize the security of corporate information. It is especially relevant for the companies whose employees work remotely. Practice shows that it is not enough to sign an NDA agreement - it is essential to monitor compliance with the rules. Monitoring systems such as Locker can help with this. It connects to the camera and desktop screen the moment an employee opens a file with sensitive information. The solution can track the presence of an employee in the workspace and how he handles sensitive data.

Data protection

All companies whose employees work with sensitive data are increasingly faced with this problem. In the office, the safety of confidential information can be ensured by modern DLP and VDR systems. However, if some of the company's employees work remotely, it becomes much more difficult to provide data security. The most dangerous leaks are through screenshots and photographs of computer displays. Attackers can use smartphones and then send sensitive information through private channels. Due to the constant innovation of technologies, such leaks are becoming more common. In 2013, their share did not exceed 2-3%, and by 2021 it reached 35% of the total number of incidents. Not even the employees themselves pose a threat, but the very principle of remote work. Suppose an employee who works in a cafe from a laptop leaves the computer for a while. This is an opportunity to take a picture of a screen with sensitive data on it.

Constant monitoring of the employee's camera and desktop can solve this problem. For example, Examus Locker continuously records data from an employee's camera and desktop while working on a document. If the AI detects suspicious actions, then it automatically sends information to the company's server. The record can then be reviewed to determine if there have been any violations. In addition, to get access to confidential files, the user needs to pass biometric identification. If there are no matches in the database, access to the document is blocked. Thus, if any data breaches occur, Locker can reliably determine who leaked confidential information.

Thus, artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies can be used by corporations not only to train employees. They can also effectively solve common teleworking problems such as remote employees' productivity and sensitive data security.

Examus team

October 28, 2021.
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