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What You Need to Bear in Mind when Choosing a Proctoring Solution

In this article, we’ll tell you which criteria one needs to use when selecting a proctoring service provider.
Despite the fact that Examus recently achieved a 35% increase of AI detection accuracy, the cyber proctor may still misinterpret some episodes and not see some of the violations. However, the human factor cannot be excluded: people are not perfect either.

This is why the combination of AI and human proctor works best, where both sides double-check one another. As a result, the risks of possible errors are reduced to a minimum. Thus, the proctoring system Examus is able to track with both AI and a human proctor:

presence or absence of a student and third persons in the video frame;
any extraneous voices;
examinees using cribs, phones, lecture notes, tablets, and other devices;
connection of virtual machines, screen-sharing programs, and other tools for other persons to pass the exam;
changing windows on the user's desktop;
non-verbal communication on the part of the examinee.

Checking by Both AI and a Human Proctor

Flexible Offer

It is important for all customers to get the best possible result at minimal costs. The best choice is the companies that offer a flexible selection of proctoring methods: synchronous, asynchronous, or automatic.

Synchronous proctoring is one of the most accurate but also the most resource-intensive type of proctoring. Checking the video in real time requires the simultaneous participation of all proctors and the uninterrupted operation of technical support. Compared to it, asynchronous proctoring, where a video recording is analyzed after an exam, is cheaper without losing any of its effectiveness. Automatic proctoring without any human intervention is the most cost-effective way. Most often, they order it for academic competitions. At these, the videos with the best results are re-viewed by the proctors for violations, which helps to avoid mistakes when choosing a winner.

Another thing that affects the price is choosing the host server. Thus, Examus gives the client an opportunity to choose where to store all its information: on the Examus cloud platform, at the client's virtual storage, or on its physical server. To reduce the costs and to speed up the system deployment, we recommend cloud hosting solutions.

Integration with Various LMS and Testing Systems

Educational institutions use various LMS – remote learning management platforms. Often, the university LMS does not match the systems used by corporations. To ensure that proctoring can be successfully combined with your LMS, choose a contractor with a flexible approach. Thanks to its open API, the Examus system can be integrated with almost any LMS and testing system.

24/7 Technical Support

Competent technical support is a basis for successful exams. Many customers (especially corporations) are looking for around-the-clock multi-channel technical support with access through several messengers. All the tests take only a certain amount of time, so it is extremely important for technical experts to promptly respond to inquiries in case of malfunctions.

At Examus, the technical support is organized in shifts operating 12/7 and accessible for communication via WhatsApp and Telegram; the average response time is no more than 5 minutes. We also have a built-in chat bot that is trained to answer the most common questions from users; this helps to speed up communication and allocate the technical support resources in a more effective way.

Guarantee of Confidentiality

Customers need to feel confident that their sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, a proctoring system must meet certain security criteria.

Examus complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standards, and all data is stored in reliable cloud systems: Google Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Cloud, etc. We use complex encryption coding; any information is transmitted over a secure channel with SSL certificates. We adhere to transparency principles of working with confidential data; only a limited number of people have access to it. We care about legal issues and therefore, together with international law experts, develop the most complete and transparent contracts so that our clients feel safe. The complete list of our confidentiality guarantee measures is available here.

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May 28, 2021.
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