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Proctored Exams: A Temporary Flare-Up or a Steady Trend?

In this article, we will tell why the rapid development of proctoring is logical, even without considering the pandemic, and what key factors influence the growth of the online invigilation market.


The pandemic is one of the main factors contributing to the growing role of proctoring (some people call it “proctering,” but that is not correct). Schools, universities, corporations - almost all institutions and countries have moved education to an online form. At the same time, they faced a challenge to control the learning process of both students and employees, who now have the opportunity to cheat during exams with impunity.

This is the time when universities and corporations that had already been using remote proctoring systems became especially in demand. Using this system, you can accurately identify violators and recognize who passes the test honestly regardless of the student’s location. This has made AI proctoring technology not just an extra option but a real necessity in a pandemic. In addition, to ensure the safety of people in case of holding exams in closed classrooms, we at Examus have significantly upgraded our neural network.

Now it can precisely recognize masked faces, and exam takers don't have to remove their protective gear to identify themselves before the exam or summative assessment.

Online education market growth

However, the online education market remains a fast-growing segment even without the coronavirus. According to analysts, its volume is already 6.5 trillion dollars, and by 2030 it will reach 10 trillion dollars. For example, in the United States, by 2022 98% of small business organizations are going to implement online education. In Eastern Europe and Asia, for example, market trends follow the global ones.

Along with the growing popularity of online education, the proctoring segment is also developing. According to the latest Online Exam Proctoring Market Forecast to 2027, the proctoring market was valued at $354.37 million in 2019. It is projected to reach $1.18757 billion by 2027, with an average annual growth rate of 15-16%.

Integrating AI into education

According to a study by eSchool News, by the end of 2021, there will be 47.5% more AI in education than there is now. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being integrated to automate processes, gamify learning, and reduce FTE costs. In addition, the AI module is an integral part of most proctoring systems. Due to multifunctionality, the most interesting solutions can be used outside educational programs, such as in banks, transport, etc.

For instance, the AI developed by Examus can track the presence of cribs, switch users, extraneous voices, and odd faces in the frame. Examus controls the desktop activity (switching between browser tabs and opening third-party files and programs) and analyzes how much the examinee is involved in the process. The biometric identification module recognizes faces in masks and can even distinguish between twins wearing the same clothes. Our AI technology was short-listed for the AI Awards Reimagine Education, an association that holds regular competitions for the best innovations in the education sphere. In the AI category, Examus was among the world’s top 10 technologies.

As noted, the growth of the online proctoring market is not caused by the coronavirus pandemic alone. The active implementation of proctoring into educational processes is an organic trend in the development and transformation of the educational system worldwide.

Examus team

August 1, 2021.
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