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Examus FAQ

1. Is it possible to take an exam from smartphone/tablet?

Yes, you can use your Android device. At the same time we don’t recommend to use smartphones/tablets, because this increases the possibility of cheating.

2. How does the proctoring react if a student looks at the keyboard while typing?

Such rules are set by the university. By default, a student can take the eyes off the screen for up to 15 seconds.

3. Is it possible to conduct a synchronous examination for more than 4000 people at a time?

Yes, but we do not recommend such workload. You can choose the most suitable alternative schedule for examination.

4. What operating system Examus support?

Examus supports: Windows Desktop, macOS, Chromebook, Linux and iOS by the end of 2020

5. How quickly is the solution deployed: cloud, integration with test systems?

There are 2 versions:
1. You can use our Cloud (in your region extra payments might be checked) or get a new Cloud. It takes at least 3 weeks to deploy the solution in the Cloud. After the deployment we launch integration and quality assurance which takes one more week.
2. Client’s server.

6. Do you recommend your clients to buy Server Equipment instead of the Cloud?

We don’t recommend buying Server Equipment because it requires severe financial investments. It is more convenient to support services through the Cloud

7. How is test data leakage secured on test platforms?

The organization's account is protected by username and password. It is required to restrict the list of persons with access to accounts. The question of preventing taking pictures of the test items can be identified in the video. Leakage can be prevented by expanding the question bank.

8. What testing platform do you recommend?

The choice of the most suitable platform depends on the client’s requests. Contact us to get personalised recommendation.

9. How quickly will we get access to the video after the exam?

The video is available within 15 minutes - 1-2 hours maximum after the end of the exam, since the application runs on the client side

10. How is test data leakage secured on test platforms?

We don't recommend using this option, because it would be unfair to those students who have web cameras and microphones. We also should note that AI online proctoring will not grant access for those students at the “system check” step, as these tools are necessary for online proctoring technology. In addition, it is a great area for cheating: it is very likely that many students will start to “lose” their web cameras and microphones in this case :)

11. Can AI Cyber Proctor block an exam if they notice cheating attempts?

We do not recommend using only AI proctors because technologies, despite their impressive capabilities, cannot be 100% accurate. In this scenario, you risk interrupting the exam for a student who was not actually cheating, but was simply distracted by noise or thinking by looking at the ceiling.

12. Do you have monthly fees for using online proctoring technology Examus?

No, payment is made only for the Exam Hours

13. Are you integrated with “our” LMS?

Examus has an open API, so it can be integrated with any LMS, MOOC or testing platform.

14. Do you offer live invigilation and if so, where are the invigilators located and can we specify what country our courses us?

We do provide life proctors. We currently have a main hub in Easter Europe, developing Lating american hub also we can train your Employees to proctor exam sessions.

15. Do you record the invigilation sessions and if so, who has access to the recordings and what management tools do you provide to control or restrict that access?

We do record Examinees web-camera image, desktop image and microphone sound. All information could be stored in Customer's or Examus cloud infrastructure. There are instances where even Examus developers do not have access to the content. We provide your company representatives to exam videos with login and password.