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Online-Proctored Entrance Exam at Philippines Pasig City Science High School

This year Pasig City Science High School conducted the Entrance online examination with Examus online proctoring via the NUADU platform. Thanks to our partner – Big Pond Enterprises this cooperation was possible.

The main purpose of Pasig City Science High School was to conduct reliable online exams without technical problems. Principal Charlie O. Fababaer mentioned that it was very hard to find such a platform that can provide a technically stable solution. And Examus post-review proctoring with NUADU platform became a “helping hand”.

The Entrance tests have been conducted for students of 7th and 11th form in the May of 2021. Every participant had the opportunity to pass it via computer/mobile/pad.

As a result, Pasig City Science High School have remotely examined 550 students and got academically fair results. The crucial thing is that the school has coped with the Pandemic hardships and avoided the students’ crowds in the classrooms. Examus with NUADU platform have done their best to provide technical stability and academic integrity.