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Why do companies trust Examus?

Customer trust is one of the pillars of any company's growth. Examus clearly realize it. Our team focuses on three main ways to maintain visibility and customer loyalty: international competitions, auditing, product development.

Examus as a company was born in 2015, and today more than 150 international customers have already become our clients. More than 200 000 exams and tests are conducted monthly via Examus online proctoring solution both at universities and in the corporate sector. To expand more widely Examus is actively working in three directions:

International competitions and ratings participation

Examus actively takes part in many international competitions and ratings in the EdTech and the AI development segments. In many cases, we win prestigious awards. For example, Examus became the winner at the world's largest startup competition – Global EdTech Startup Awards 2020 (GESA). In addition, last year, Examus AI solution entered the top 10 innovations in the "AI" category at QS Reimagine Education.

Last year was pretty eventful. In the summer, Examus won the prestigious “EdTech Breakthrough Awards” in the nomination "The Best Online Proctoring System". In September, Examus entered the top companies in the E-learning area in San Francisco according to We have also been shortlisted for the Learning Provider of the year for “The Learning Awards 2022”. Another nomination that we are very proud of: getting into the Top 5 Edtech startups in the competition “EdtechX's All Stars Awards 2021”.

Passing independent audits

In order to maintain a high level of development, we are convinced that the expertise of our experience should be external. Getting a qualified assessment from the outside is always useful, as it helps to grow, correct mistakes and find new opportunities. Therefore, Examus regularly involves external experts from the areas of information security, neural networks, IT, AI, etc.

For example, in April 2021 Examus successfully passed an information security audit carried out by Wallarm. Wallarm uses advanced tools and approaches to provide rigorous testing for all kinds of potential vulnerabilities. Wallarm is one of the market leaders whose products are used by such giants as Qiwi, Yandex and InfoWatch. We have chosen Wallarm in part because its testing systems check the infrastructure not only for standard information security gaps but also for vulnerabilities through which no one has tried to hack the system yet.

As a result of the audit, the Wallarm team identified several non-critical weaknesses. At the same time, they confirmed the overall high-security level of Examus components. The fact that we have successfully passed the information security audit conducted by the reputable Wallarm сompany once again confirms the absolute reliability of the Examus system.

Product development and customer orientation

The online proctoring system is a complex IT product that needs constant development. Mainly, in proctoring, priority is given to improvements in the field of security, AI algorithms, and the prevention of new ways of cheating. We use both our own data and the wishes of customers to determine which direction to work in.

Last spring, according to the customers' demand, we developed the online proctoring mobile app for iOS and Android. This application was designed for those who can’t conduct the exam because of the absence of the PC. Another example of Examus customer orientation is the development of the new “Smartphone as a second camera” feature. In order to protect the examination process from any violations that cannot be detected by the web camera, we have added the ability to conduct an online test with the smartphone's camera. In this case, the test-taker places the smartphone so that the camera displays the monitor and the desktop. Due to this, students cannot use cheat sheets and other cheating methods that the AI proctor may not detect from the main PC camera.

What is more, Examus continuously develops both the product and the service: for example, upon the request of several corporate customers, we have implemented round-the-clock technical support for them.

Thus, Examus's focus on these three areas allows us to become one of the leaders in the Edtech solutions area for universities and businesses.

Examus team

February 15, 2022.
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