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4 reasons to have online proctoring

In this article, we will tell you how online proctoring can help educational institutions and companies.
It is difficult to control online the users’ remote learning process. They can turn off their cameras and microphones and go about their own business instead of listening to a lecture, explaining it by problems with the Internet connection or some other common reasons. It directly affects not only the discipline, but also the quality of learning.

So, it’s important to monitor the remote students’ activities, and proctoring is one of the ways to ensure it. AI and a human proctor can track the user's presence on camera and provide technical support in case of communication problems. Besides, the computer vision technology as part of the Examus solution is able to analyze the level of each student’s engagement in the training process, thus optimizing the work of a teacher. The teacher can see at what moments the focus of the audience drops, and change the style of narration in order to recover the interest in the lecture. Thus, it also contributes to the quality of teaching.

Learning Process Quality

Knowledge Assimilation Quality

The quality of knowledge assimilation is as important as the quality of learning process. Students may be particularly lazy when preparing for an online exam, because they know in advance that it is going to be an easy walk for them: they will be able to cheat, use a textbook and the Internet, somebody’s help, and so on. That is why proctoring systems are vital for careful monitoring of their actions and excluding the cases of cheating.

Companies are also actively taking advantage of online training and employee development opportunities. According to a research taken by LinkedIn & KPMG, more than 90% of corporations currently train their staff online. And in some areas, personnel is required to pass periodic exams for admission to work, and it is critical for organizations to ensure that only qualified employees work with sophisticated equipment. This is one of the reasons why proctoring is popular among corporate clients. For example, such large companies as Sberbank and Russian Railways already use the Examus solution.

Costs Optimization and Staff Efficiency Improvement

One of the long-term benefits of proctoring for corporate clients is a possible reduction of payroll costs and optimization of staff performance. Thus, large companies conduct internal audits of the performance of their legal and accounting departments, as discrepancies in reporting and claims from the tax authorities are not uncommon things. Based on the results of applying proctoring in their testing, organizations carry out management reshuffling: someone is sent for further training, someone moves up the career ladder, and not enough competent experts are laid off.

It helps to increase working efficiency, to reduce payroll costs and minimize financial and legal risks. This verification method can be used in almost any area to track performance and optimize corporate departments.

Infrastructure Development

Proctoring technologies require high-quality technical infrastructure for smooth operation of all systems. High-speed Internet connection, modern computers with headsets – all these must be available both at the university and for the students taking exams. The same is true when applied to companies. In our work, we periodically come across the fact that the customers’ infrastructure is quite often far from ready for proctoring.

The introduction of online proctoring encourages both universities and corporate clients to modernize their infrastructure, and students and employees – to purchase modern equipment for work. To cut a long story short, if the organization has long been determined to level up its technology, proctoring can speed up this process, and the expertise of Examus engineers will help to cope with complex force majeure situations, in which the customer has less experience.

Examus team

May 14, 2021.
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