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AI to increase online courses effectiveness? Very likely...

Apart from universities and corporations, online proctoring can do a good job on MooC platforms. This article describes the benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to online-courses developers in terms of both their content and delivery.

Designing a perfect online course

Today the online education market competition has reached unprecedented heights. MooC platforms are striving to cater to any users’ favors and deliver the best learning experience to find the place at the top. A digital land of opportunities to study anything that you could never dream of! However, even amongst the most high-ranking platforms, the course completion rates are drastically low compared to the subscription figures. So why are the users dropping out and how (if at all) can AI improve the situation?

One of the most widespread clients’ concerns are the long course durations. Signing up for an online course, most people are taking the time out of their regular jobs and daily routines. And typically, that means you should keep this reservation from 2-3 to six months. Many users think it's too long.
For this reason only 3-5% to 15% of clients complete online courses. Moreover, the extended study period has an adverse effect on the level of engagement and the quality of learning. One can get excited about criminology watching Sherlock but it doesn’t mean they will be able to get the nuts and bolts of forensic science...

The second issue is the quality of the study content and the e-learning process itself. Some students believe that many online courses developers use outdated teaching methods and include a lot of unnecessary materials. This is what happens when an online course was originally a part of some ready-made university curriculum and was not intended to be a standalone thing.

One of the ways to boost the quality of content, engagement, and learning – to make the course methodology match the users’ goals and preferences. Here's where Examus AI proctoring can help. Our AI tracks the level of user engagement and their reaction to different content types and duration of studying. Depending on the results, the online course developer can exclude irrelevant content and calculate the optimal duration of the course.

Course examination

Another factor of the education quality is the final certification that is supposed to be academically fair. It shows the level of students’ acquired knowledge and how they mastered competence. The bitter truth is, Examus statistics show that 75% of students try to cheat on final exams. No prizes for guessing that these students become less effective employees. It can lead to numerous production faults and the reduction of the success of employers. So as a business owner, encouraging your staff to do an online course can help you understand their job effectiveness and showcase their attitude to studies in general.

Yet the question is: how to prevent students’ cheating?

One of the most effective ways to ensure the quality of students’ learning is to use online proctoring in exams. It will no longer be possible to cheat: the Examus AI in combination with the work of experienced proctors is able to detect most violations during exams.


Thus, to reach the top of the market course developers should look for ways to enhance the education and learning quality. The more professionals they graduate, the better image they will have. Examus online proctoring will be the right solution to ensure academic integrity for the course users.

Examus team

October 20, 2021.
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